The Art of Blakey

The Art of Blakey is a Swiss/European band led by Jazz Messenger Jean Toussaint.

The Art of Blakey play a tribute to one of the great jazz musicians of all time playing music from Blakey’s huge and varied catalogue along with new music written by Toussaint and others.

Yes sir, I’m gonna to stay with the youngsters. When these get too old, I’m gonna get some younger ones. Keeps the mind active.

— Art Blakey

The band made up of many exciting players on the Swiss and International scene:
Colin Vallon Piano
Arthur Hnatek Drums
Jeff Baud Trumpet
Phil Donkin Bass
John Aram Trombone

The band is touring in Europe during the first two weeks of October 2017.

Please contact us for booking: johnaram [at] me [dot] com