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The Brit pAk


The Brit pAk plays music inspired by the rock scene of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Equally influenced by “On The Corner” or “Purple Haze” Music by Hendrix, The Who, as well as Psychedelic originals by the group members. The sound, which is constantly monitored and manipulated live on stage using “Live” and a Mac pro, is Rock in the true jazz tradition, giving an emphasis on group interaction and solid interplay. This group includes Young Gods drummer Bernard Trontin and boasts an exciting and fun packed repertoire.

  • John Aram : Trombone
  • Carle Ducasse : Guitar
  • Mael Godinat : Keyboard
  • Christophe Chambet : Bass
  • Bernard Trontin : Drums

The group proposes a “soirée” full of surprises and offers the possibility of augmenting the quintet with a VJ manipulating live the images integrated perfectly with the music of The Brit pAk.

Télécharger le document de présentation (in french)

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